Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fixing your BMW Convertible Top

Do you have a BMW convertible and have troubles with your motor? Here is a great video about BMW repair.

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Lisa said...

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Chris said...

Wow! thanks for such a wonderful tip. I have talked to a auto service (Indianapolis-based) to check my car on Saturday, but perhaps I can try doing what you said.

If that won't work, I'll let car repair (Indianapolis, IN-based) do the job.

bob said...

I need to replace my back glack in my bmw soft top HELP

bob said...

i need a glass for my bmw back glass soft top HELP

James Leer said...

I have been looking for an instruction guide on how to fix that! Thanks! Saved me a trip to the auto service shop in my town. It has been a problem for a little while now. Just havent had the time to get it fixed.

Matha Trotter said...

Aside from issues regarding convertible motors, damaged convertible tops are also common. Instead of replacing them though, you can do the repairs yourself. One-inch tears, for example, can be fixed by sewing the tear and covering it up with canvas or vinyl. It will take some time, but this is better than buying a new top!

Matha Trotter

Michelina Douglass said...

This one’s a very informative DIY car repair instructional video! It’s always advisable to know how to do even the little repairs for your own car. Isn’t fulfilling to repair the car yourself?

-Michelina Douglass

Jimmy White said...

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